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Well again what can you say! Both these shows were fabulous! And my seat was just EXTRAORDINARY!! I had front row seats for both these shows and could barely contain myself! For the Baltimore show I went out and bought balloons for THE ELTON. They said "SMOOCH ME" (sorry the selection was limited) and "I LOVE YOU" which is so true! The balloons costs me so much money since while purchasing them I put my Calvin Klein sunglasses down to get a better look and of course, when I walked out balloons in hand, I left the glasses behind! But it was worth it!

First order of business was hooking up with some more ELTONMANIACS over at the INNER HARBOR! That was a blast! These are people we speak to on a regular basis! There was EJFAN/ISLAND GIRL! and HARMONY and their spouses! (HEY GUYS!) I was very happy to meet them finally and get the chance to talk to them a bit before the show! We were all pumped up! Ready for THE ELTON TO KICK SOME ASS! OR ROCK THE ROOF OFF!

So after chatting a bit at the venue it was almost showtime! You could feel the electricity just whizzing around that arena. Finally they start piping the music to WRITTEN IN THE STARS in the venue and it was just a matter of minutes for the MAN OF THE EVENING to come out and play! The whole house was screaming and yelling! Elton finally came out wearing his customary black evening suit (NEED MORE COLOR). Although he looked great. I do love to see him in his splashy Versace outfits! He came out and played Your song and then went through the set list. I cant tell you song for song what the set list is but I can tell you that I got some FABULOUS shots of him in this arena! Island Girl was able to GIVE the man some ROSES! Man was that awesome! And when it was time to crowd the piano, YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I TOOK MY RIGHTFUL PLACE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PIANO!

I had brought with me a pencil sketching of Elton that my husband had done for me for a christmas present. And Elton obliged by signing it! YIPPEE!!!!! My friends say I was on the BIG SCREEN and I am hoping to find a copy of that show on video!


After traveling around my home town looking for more balloons and flowers for Elton we were on our way! We left Pennsylvania in plenty of time to make it for the show with time to spare for what ever came up. The minute we parked our car in Providence and walked over to the civic center, we were approached by a guy who had tickets to sell. We told him unless he had FRONT ROW seats we werent interested! LO and BEHOLD he pointed us in the direction of a guy who did in fact have front row seats. Of course we had to buy those. Wanted to be sure we could give Elton our TREASURES! And Taking our rightful place PIANO SIDE didn't hurt either! When it was time to enter the Civic Center, I was told that balloons WERE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CENTER! I thought I would die! How was I gonna let ELTON know I was there?? I was MORTIFIED but what could I do?? I had no choice but to release MY PRECIOUS BALLOONS outside :(.

When I entered the venue, I saw a couple of people that I speak to on the internet! So I went over and spoke to them for a min or two. And I am sure I made quite an impression since I was still hopping mad about not being able to bring the balloons in. A stream of nice COLORFUL language escaped me and they just pretty much laughed. I finally get to my seat and me and my friend VEE are as excited as all get out! I then see that a reporter from a rather small newspaper is sitting next to me with her son. She sees my tattoo and asks me a few questions. She also PROMISED to mail me a copy of the article! I am so STOKED AT THIS POINT! While being interviewed, I hear a man's voice and when I turn my head, I am looking eye to eye with ELTON'S BODYGUARD! AAAAHHHHHHHHH SOME ONE PINCH ME AND WAKE ME UP! He tells me that he has a special request from ELTON! CAN U IMAGINE HIM REQUESTING SOMETHING OF ME! AHA! Anyway turns out the request is something I can manage, and so I promise him that I will comply. I then tell the bodyguard (I SHOULDA GOT HIS NAME!) to be sure and tell Elton what happened with the balloons. He then tells me that ELTON really appreciated the balloons I had given him the night before. So there you have it, He remembered me from the night before! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

OUR MAN ELTON comes out wearing a NICE pastel Green suit with sequins on it. DAMN DID HE LOOK DELICIOUS! The set list was pretty much the same but HE REALLY ROCKED THE ROOF OFF! He came over to me and my friend, took her flowers and then pointed at us both and said THANK YOU! We were floating on clouds! The show was amazing (as if we expected anything else?) and we went home floating on air! The interaction between Elton and I was amazing. I couldn't believe he remembered me BUT HE DID! A week later I received an envelope in the mail with an AUTOGRAPHED BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO OF MY HUNK OF ENGLISH CHARM! What a perfect way to END 2 GREAT SHOWS!